_DSC9261.jpgIn 1995 my first Anatolian “Tasha” arrived at Island Farm in Elkhorn Wisconsin to protect my 170 acre horse farm from very aggressive coyote predation.  Her arrival changed my life and began my love affair with the Anatolian Shepherd Dog.

I believe that Anatolian Shepherd Dogs are the most amazing, intelligent and beautiful dogs on the planet.  They are, as yet, also a true working breed that is relatively free from some of the hereditary diseases that plague other breeds and their longevity far surpasses that of most large breeds.  Through educated, knowledgeable and ethical breeding practices, I believe we can preserve the unique traits that define the Anatolian and separate them from other breeds.

I have travelled across the country, Europe and Turkey and have talked to hundreds…maybe thousands of people to learn from them and also help educate them about the ASD.  My experience visiting Turkey allowed me to see our dogs in their true native environment.  My conversations with the Turkish farmers gave me invaluable insight into the true Anatolian temperament.  This temperament must be understood and guarded from change.


Anatolians are a very special, independent and versatile breed that can work with just about any kind of livestock and adjust to many different lifestyles.  Their unique sense of determining an actual versus a “perceived” threat to their charges(be it livestock or human)must also be preserved.  Only through ethical, educated breeding and proper placement and socialization can we truly preserve our dog’s amazing working ability. They are not a dog for everyone and you  must consider very carefully before adding an Anatolian into your family.

ErnieMO__2_.jpgI have imported several dogs to help expand our bloodlines here in the United States.  Some of these dogs you will see here in my breeding program and some did not pass my stringent requirements and were spayed or neutered and placed in good homes.  Only the very sound dogs(passing their OFA hip and elbow and thyroid requirements) with the best temperaments and working ability, conformation, movement and breed type are used in my personal breeding program.  My dogs are also all proven working dogs with many different types of stock.

I am a member of the AKC National Parent Club, “ASDCA” and served on the Board of Directors for 16 years and as Vice President for 5 years and also as the Judges Education Coordinator.  I have shown 4 of my dogs to their Bred By Championships and am an AKC Breeder of Merit.   The many accomplishments of my dogs can be seen on their individual pages.


I hope you enjoy this website and the Island Farm Anatolians.