Best Working Female Trophy


This trophy is to help remember and honor Tasha(bred by Midwest Anatolians) and Sasha(bred by Golden Gate Anatolians),They both lived at  Island Farm and  did their jobs so very well.  With tears in my eyes, I remember them.  They were the “best” ever.  Both were white and both were alpha.  They could control the whole farm with “just a look”.  Everyone knew there was no question “who was in charge”!  Many stories can be told of their loyalty and unyielding devotion to their charges.  Tasha and Sasha also loved people and touched many human hearts.  These two “Grand Girls” have left big paw prints to fill.

Any of us who have lost a beloved Anatolian Shepherd Dog, especially a working livestock dog, knows the deep heartbreak and feeling of emptiness and loss when they leave us.  Tasha and Sasha will never be forgotten and always held in our hearts.  I know they are watching over and protecting us even now.

The “youngsters” that will win this Perpetual Trophy in the future have high standards to live up to and we can only hope that they will fill the paw prints left by their forebears even half as well.